Color of the Week: Pantone Persimmon

Color of the Week: Pantone Persimmon

Bright, cheerful and full of life - what better way to get your week started off right than with the bold hue Pantone Persimmon? This warm and inviting shade is sure to put a spark in your home décor that will last all season long.

Whether you're looking for ways to add an extra pop of color throughout or want to update your living room furniture with a vibrant twist, Pantone Persimmon is the perfect choice!

Read on for ideas on how you can incorporate it into your existing space with style and finesse.

Pantone Persimmon -

The Details:

Hex : #f5786b

Rgb : rgb(245,120,107)

Hsl : 6° , 87% , 69%

RgbaColor : rgba(245,120,107,1.00)

lab XyzColor : 47.027, 33.907, 17.976

HsvaColor : hsva(5.65,56.33%,96.08%,1)

HsvColor : 6° , 56% , 96%

CIE L*a*b* : 64.89, 46.8, 29.75

This happy color reminds me of my favorite summer nail polish and the name reminds me of sweet memories of persimmon trees loaded and ready for picking. Here’s one of my favorite persimmon bread recipes, in case you need one.


But how do we incorporate this brilliant color into our homes?

IF you are smitten by this color, you might want to paint a whole room, or if your love is temporary, try incorporating this bold hue into the mix through pillows and accessories.

Our favorite Sherwin Williams paint that favors Pantone Persimmon? Well, we have a couple.

First up, SW6620 Rejuvenate

Second up, SW6613 Lei Flower

How fun would it be to paint the legs of an accent chair in one of these colors? or paint the back of the bookcases? It would be so easy to add this summery color to paintable wallpaper and use double sided tape for a non committal ode to all things persimmon..

But if you are ready to embrace this gorgeous color, how about drenching a powder room in one of these shades? Then maybe adding one of these fabulous wall coverings to really up the drama!

The first print is a vintage Schumacher, the second print is “Into the Wild” Metallic by Galerie Wallcoverings, the third print is called “Sketched” by Wall Snobs.

You could always play it safe and ease into this fun color by adding accessories such as bookends, candles, and vases.

volcano candle in persimmon and pink for color of the week pantone persimmon

Volcano scent candle in Persimmon & Pink - may be purchased in store and online

What a way to wrap up this blog post! Pantone Persimmon is a vibrant and inviting color that can give any space an extra pop of personality.

Not only is it ideal for accenting, but it could easily be used as the main hue in your next room design project. Plus, the versatility of this color provides endless possibilities when paired with other colors in your home or office. Summer has arrived, so make sure to get creative and add some Pantone Persimmon into your decor arsenal.

Don't forget - if you're not ready to commit yet, at least give it a try with some small decorative pieces! And there you have it! Have fun embracing this color and letting your own unique style shine through.

Come by and see us at the store for beautiful wallpaper, accessories and more!

Thoughtfully yours,

The MOOR Curated Team

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