Simple Unexpected Ways to Add Art to Your Home

Simple Unexpected Ways to Add Art to Your Home

Looking to add a personal touch and some local flair to the interior of your home? Why not consider adding art from a local artist! Not only will this make for an interesting conversation piece, it is also a great way to support Artists in your area. With affordable prices, wide range of styles and easy delivery options, adorning your walls with fine art has never been simpler. Keep reading to learn more about the simple yet unexpected ways you can bring beautiful pieces created by local artists into your home.

In the Kitchen-

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, and it's a space where we spend a significant amount of our time. So why not make it a place that ignites our creativity and inspires us every time we walk in?

Adding original artwork to your kitchen not only adds a unique touch to your space, but it'll also show your support for local artists.

Consider working with a local art gallery or artist to find pieces that complement your kitchen's aesthetic.

You can choose anything from watercolors to mixed media pieces; the options are endless. Handmade ceramics to hold everyday pantry supplies, gorgeous platters of wood and metal can be hung on walls and used for that last minute gathering. Artwork can even be hung behind the stovetop (just remove when utilizing the burners).

By introducing artwork to your kitchen, you can create a one-of-a-kind space that stimulates your senses and makes cooking and entertaining even more enjoyable.

pecan wood hand crafted bowl moor curated  unexpected ways to use art in the home

In the Powder Room -

The powder room is often referred to as a “jewel box opportunity”. Anything-goes mentality works wonders here.

Show off your style and love for art by introducing an amazing artistic wallpaper on the walls or even the ceiling! Frame a special memento and build the theme and color scheme around it. Use locally made pottery for soap dishes. Carved wood trays or pots to show off a little greenery or your favorite orchid.

Create a fun gallery wall with found objects that tell a story. Why not? It’s your home.

wall snobs wallpaper for unexpected ways  to add art to your home

In the Great Outdoors -

Spending time in the backyard is a great way to unwind and relax. Artwork can live outdoors if properly treated and makes for a great conversation starter. Treat your porch or outdoor living area like you would the rest of your home.

Bring art into the space by adding beautiful rugs, planters and accent furniture pieces that tell a story.

red oak bowl unexpected ways to add art to your home
pottery handmade unexpected way to use art in your home

These are just a few areas of your abode that will benefit from the addition of art. Create some pieces and add some pieces that makes you exuberantly happy.

And remember we are just an email, phone call, or stop away from helping you create and celebrate YOUR home. We showcase beautiful local art pieces, gorgeous rugs, fabulous wallpaper, , artist who handcraft pottery, leather, and wood.

The team at MOOR Curated would love to help you!




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