Hours and Location

440 South Main Street 

Fort Worth, TX 76109


Open Mon - Sat by Appointment

Our Story

Moor Curated is a shop for unique home decor and accessories founded by two interior designers with a love of supporting local artists.

We believe that well-curated spaces should be filled with beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces that tell a story, and we're passionate about making this possible for everyone.

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift or just need a little inspiration, Moor Curated has something special for you.

The Story Behind the Story...

When Melanie and Joy met, their first conversation lasted over 4 hours. During which they both express a desire to have a place just like MOOR Curated. 

A few weeks passed and Melanie called Joy with an idea of how to bring MOOR to life, start in the MASH Habitat studio location. Joy agreed that it was a perfect way to start this new venture and on March of 2023, MOOR CURATED opened its doors.

This little shop is growing everyday and we are so excited for its future.

Check back often, we have more exciting news to come!

MASH Habitat Interiors

"When I founded MASH habitat Interiors, I knew I wanted our company name to be more than just a name.

There truly isn't anything I love more than my four kids, so that’s where I started. MASH is the first initial of each name (Max, Ava, Stella, and Hannah).

I loved the thought that the word MASH also meant bringing different elements together into one, whether it's different styles, colors, functions, or personalities.

I thought of habitat as being so much more than a house. It's where people live, work, play, and rest.

It's all of it.

I've always had a strong desire to help people pull together their homes to feel more cohesive, more liveable, and more personalized for them in an organized way by using our tried and true systematic approach while also being fun!

MASH will always remind me of my kids. To clients, however, it stands for a Memorable, Attainable, Stylish, and Harmonious habitat designed for their lifestyle." ~Melanie

Melanie's studio has resided in the 440 Main Street location before MOOR Curated opened its doors and is the "in store" designer for MOOR.

If you live in Forth Worth or the surround areas and are looking for more than home goods, wallpaper, and apothecary - reach out to Melanie!