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Always Candle 12 oz - Black

Always Candle 12 oz - Black

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A Texas family company, Always Candle was created with heart and passion by entrepreneurs and craftsman, Christen and Connor Black. The desire to create a natural and clean burning candle occurred when we discovered we were expecting our son, Cade. We were determined to make a candle we felt comfortable enough not only burning in our home, but around our son, as well.

Guilty of always gravitating towards the candle aisle, we love the ambiance and fragrance candles provide in a home. Little did we know at the time how toxic candles can be. Therefore, we sought out to provide our customers a natural, clean burning candle without taking away from the aesthetic of your home.

With coconut- soy wax and handpicked, toxic free fragrances, we’ve hand poured the perfect candle. Handcrafted concrete vessels are just a plus. We’re confident you’ll feel comfortable lighting our candles around your loved ones, because we are.

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