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Roots & James Hand Crafted Pens

Roots & James Hand Crafted Pens

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Creating products that come from the Earth, Roots & Jones is bigger than just hand-made wooden pens. It’s a lifestyle focused on encouraging people to get back to their Roots and closer to their purpose. Our pens are a reflective tool designed to enable connection, organization, storytelling, deep focus, and authenticity. Each product is a unique wand waiting to find a partner who truly connects with it; who will use it to design their life and tell their story along the way.

Roots & Jones was founded by grandfather and grandson duo Jim Cantrell and Ryan Jones. Starting out in the old barn wood shop in the outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky an old hobby has been passed down from one generation to the next, where it is being built into something everyone in the world can appreciate.

*Pen refill included


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